Stove Top Pork Stuffing 6oz (170g)


Elevate any family dinner with the savoury taste of Stove Top Pork Stuffing Mix. Made with a blend of fresh baked bread crumbs, real herbs, and spices, this stuffing pairs perfectly with pork chops, bringing a soft, fluffy texture to every bite. Each box is filled with a dry, pre-seasoned mix that simply needs water and butter or margarine added to create a delicious side dish that tastes homemade. Conveniently prepared in the microwave, this stuffing can be enjoyed on its own, with other dinner sides, or incorporated into recipes like a pork and apple skillet. With six servings per 6 ounce box, Stove Top stuffing is a versatile addition to any meal, whether you’re serving Thanksgiving turkey or another dish year-round.

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